Danish Entrepreneurship Festival - Higher Education - English speaking students

Danish Entrepreneurship Festival for Higher Education

Here, as a student, you can register for one of the Start Up Programme's tracks at the Danish Entrepreneurship Festival.

This registration is for both locations for the Danish Entrepreneurship Festival. Whether you are participating in Øksnehallen, Copenhagen (east) on the 16th of November or Messe C, Fredericia (west) on the 29th of November, this is where you have to register your team. In the form, you will simply choose which location and date you and your team are participating (if you don't know this information, ask your teacher before signing up)


Please note: The registration deadline for participants in:

  • Øksnehallen (east): November 1, 2023, at 23:59
  • Messe C (west): November 13, 2023, at 23:59

You can register for the following:

  • Idea Competition
  • Grow Up
  • Share Your Idea

So whether you want to participate in a competition with a new or established idea, or if you prefer to avoid the competitive element but want to share your idea and get feedback from a range of experts, this is where you should register.

During registration:

You should have received a code from your instructor, which you will need to register.

  • You should know which location your education is participating in (east or west).
  • You should know which offering you want to participate in.
  • You should know the first and last names of all members in your team.


Important to know:

When registering yourself/your team, the written concept description must be completed. It needs to be uploaded in the form, and it's not possible to go back and make changes once submitted."