Regional Championships - Start Up Programme


In the spring of 2024, the Start-Up Programme will host the Regional Championships in Entrepreneurship!

To participate in the Regional Championships, you/your team must register and upload a written concept description through the registration form. (One registration pr. team)

When registering, you/your team must indicate whether you will participate in WEST on April 30th or in EAST on May 7th.


To register for the Regional Championships, you need to use an activation code. You should receive the activation code from your lecturer.

Time, Place, and Date

The Start-Up Programme hosts two Regional Championships: one in the west and one in the east. It is important to register for the correct location and date. There are also two registration deadlines. These must be adhered to, otherwise participation will not be possible.

  • Regional Championship (west): April 30th at Business Randers (for students from educational institutions in Jutland)
    Deadline: Monday, April 8th at 23:59
  • Regional Championship (east): May 7th at KEA Copenhagen Business Academy (for students from educational institutions in Funen and Zealand)
    Deadline: Monday, April 15th at 23:59

Participation Options

Start Up Programme offers a range of participation options. Here you can briefly read about the different options. You can also click through to read more detailed information about the different tracks, evaluation criteria, and formalities.

Start Up:

This track is aimed at students whose idea originated in the current school year (after September 1, 2023). In the Start-Up track, there is room for ideas in all areas and disciplines. Therefore, we operate with five categories that encompass innovative and solution-oriented ideas within five value-creating areas.

The five tracks:

  • GreenTech
  • LifeTech
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Service Innovation
  • Intrapreneurship

Grow Up:

This track is aimed at students whose idea originated prior to the current school year (before September 1, 2023). In the Grow Up track, there are no categories, but all ideas are welcome. This track is for those who are ready to take the next step with their idea and who would like advice, feedback, and contacts from experienced entrepreneurs and business people, as well as exposure to potential investors.


Share Your Idea:

This participation option is not a competition. It is an alternative for those who do not thrive on the competitive element but still want to practice presenting their idea and receive valuable coaching and feedback on their idea. Since it is part of the Regional Championships, you have the opportunity to be part of an inspiring event with students from across the country, and you can watch other teams pitch their ideas!

Read more about the different tracks

You can read much more about the different tracks, find guides and templates for participation 

Right here

If you have any questions regarding registration or anything else, you can write to sup@ffefonden.dk.